5 Things You Should Know About Extreme Pest Control Services

You may have found the perfect deal on a home pest control service, but before you sign the contract, there are some things to consider. A good home pest control company should be able to identify pests in your home with powerful equipment and without ever having to enter your space. It’s also important for them to be responsive when it comes to requests for service.

5 Things You Should Know About Extreme Pest Control Services:

1. Extreme pest control services are designed to get rid of pests that are outside the range of typical pest control treatments.

2. Extreme pest control services can be very effective in getting rid of pests that are resistant to conventional treatments.

3. Extreme pest control services can be used to get rid of pests that are hidden or difficult to reach.

4. Extreme pest control services can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and public areas.

5. Extreme pest control services can be expensive, but they are worth the investment if you need to get rid of pests that are causing damage or danger to your property or health.

Exterminators that Seek Out Pests in Your Home

Pest extermination is a critical service that can help to keep your home free from pests. While there are many pest control services available, some exterminators specialize in seeking out pests in your home.

One advantage of using an exterminator that specializes in home pest control is that they will be familiar with the locations and habits of these pests. This will ensure that they use the most effective methods to eliminate them. Additionally, these professionals are often equipped with the latest technology to combat pests. They will also have the knowledge and equipment to deal with any type of pest.

If you are concerned about pests in your home, contact an exterminator today. They will be able to provide you with a detailed assessment of the situation and recommend the best course of action.

Is it Safe to Use Toxic Chemicals on My Family?

Toxic chemicals are often used in extreme pest control services. However, is it safe to use these harmful substances on my family?

There is some concern about the safety of using toxic chemicals in extreme pest control services. These chemicals can be harmful to both humans and the environment. They can also be toxic if they are breathed in or ingested.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risks before using these harmful substances on your family. It is also important to contact a professional pest control service if you have any concerns about their safety. They will be able to advise you on the safest way to deal with pests.

How Often Should I Get My Home Serviced for Pest Control?

It is important to get your home serviced for pest control every 6 months, even if you do not see any signs of pests.

Regular pest control will help prevent the spread of pests and will keep your home healthy and free from pests. If you notice any signs of pests or if you have a problem with pests, please call our team right away. We would be happy to help you out!


When it comes to extreme pest control services, you need to be sure that you are getting the best possible service for your money. There are a number of things that you should consider when choosing an exterminator, including their experience with extreme pest control and the type of equipment they use. Make sure to ask about their qualifications in treating infestations of all types, as well as how much experience they have dealing with pests that live in warm climates.

3 Advantages Of Termite Inspection Services

Hiring the best termite inspection service would mean that you want to avoid all sorts of issues that otherwise you will come across. If you hire a professional service for the same then you will not have many issues. Here are the three advantages of inspection services for termites that you need to note down. Read on and understand in detail.

Termite Inspection Services

1.You Can Safeguard Your Premise And Prevent It From Termite Infestation

It is always said that prevention is something really important. If you can prevent pest infestation in your home then you can safeguard your family from a lot of messy things. You must identify the problem when it is in the initial stage. If you ignore it at that time, then the problem will become grave. So, make sure that you find the infestation with the help of a pest inspection company.

2.You Can Figure Out The Intensity Of The Problem

You as an individual might be having an idea about the presence of termites in your home. But you may not be in the condition to find out how bad the problem is or how intense the issues are. If you appoint a reliable and leading termite inspection service then you can get valid solutions. You will be able to understand the root cause and the problem in–depth. Finally, this can make you understand what needs to be done at the control stage.

3.You Can Do Better Control Once You Have Done The Inspection Well

If you are looking forward to doing termite control then make sure that you follow the first stage pretty well. This means that you should be able to control the pests properly. Termites can be in the attic or can be in any such unreachable place. If you can’t see them and you feel that they are not there, then there would be structural damage after some time. Thus, make sure that you know what you need to do? Only with the best inspection service, you will get better results and this can take you a step further towards pest control.

It is important that rather than doing these things on your own, you call for reliable termite inspection services. This will give you benefits in many ways. Remember, once the termites get into your structure, there would be a lot of damage. To avoid this, you will have to take the relevant measures.


It is pretty good that there are such reliable services that are involved in termite inspection. So, all you need to do is find the relevant measures and get the right solutions. Once the inspection stage is over, there will be a proper search for what needs to be done. The next steps would be to control and prevent further infestation. Calling a reliable pest control service for termite inspection can take you in the right direction. So, be open to taking the right action at the right time, before the problem becomes grave.

Common Reasons Why Red Ants Invade Your Home

If we focus on the importance of knowing the reasons due to which red ants invade our home then we can get the weakness of red ants. With these weaknesses we can target them. Everyone wanted relief from red ants because these ants are very dangerous as they sting humans and their sting is very painful which could create white swelling. There are so many reasons which could attract red ants to invade our house. We should know these reasons in order to analyse the type of ant. These red ants also damage our homes very badly due to which we have to face a great loss. So it should be your necessity to know reasons to do Organic Pest Control.

Ant Control
Ant Control

Common reasons which attract red ants to invade anyone’s home:-

There are many reasons which attract red ants to invade your home.

  1. Leftover food:- The most prominent reason is the food. So when these ants find a good source in your home then they start spoiling everything. These ants will not go until you find that source or that source is finished. We can prevent this from happening by cleaning up spills and crumbs immediately and performing routine deep cleans.
  2. Moisture or water:– One more reason is the moisture or water. These ants start reproducing at the place where they get water because water creates good weather for them. Everyone should keep the bathroom and kitchen dry. Ants are likely to come into your home in order to get shelter when it is raining outside or to hibernate. So, you should assume that there should be no debris in your yard and apply spray on the ground. These ants make colonies in soil so you have to be very careful.
  3. Pesticides spray:- There is one more reason i.e. When we spray pesticides in our lawn then these ants are forced to go inside our house in order to escape from spray. This can cause collection of ants in your home. Most of the time ants come in search of food but when these ants see leaking pipes and moisture, then they start living in that house so everyone should repair leakages.
  4. Small cracks or holes:- These ants can make colonies in small cracks which can not be seen with naked eyes and also build their colonies in holes of walls. So, we should close those cracks and fill up those holes in order to get rid of these ants.


Sometimes these ants remain in our home but we are not able to see them because they don’t get out at that time but they pop up in summers. You can prevent ants by using different pest solutions. Apply laxman Rekha which is a medicine on those areas where you have doubt. These are the reasons why red ants invade your home. There are many home Ant Control remedies to prevent red ants from entering them into your home. I have written some remedies with the reasons for attacking red ants.

Are German Cockroaches Dangerous

There are many species of cockroaches living on earth. But the most commonly found in homes or commercial properties is the German Cockroaches. They are very small creatures, you can measure them on a scale, their height will not be more than half inches. Cockroaches are light brown in color and also they have two darker brown lines which are worn upon their head. They mostly love to live in humid areas of the home like the bathroom and kitchen. These two places generally fulfill all their needs which include food, water, and shelter. You will never be able to find German cockroaches outdoors, as they cannot survive outdoors for long.

German Cockroaches
German Cockroaches

In this article, we are going to discuss how dangerous German cockroaches are. How much is cockroach control when finding out their infestation in your home?

German cockroaches are dangerous

German cockroaches can transfer various bacteria or diseases like (food contamination), typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, loose bowels, listerias, giardia, and E. coli, so professional pest control is very important. They pass these illnesses to people by strolling over food or food-planning regions, utensils, and different spaces. German cockroaches are likewise involved in the development of sensitivities and asthma. Their cast-off skins, excrement, and dead bodies can cause asthma assaults in youngsters.

As well as defiling food, German cockroaches discard texture and paper, abandon stains in places they travel consistently, and leave a musky scent where they have been. They are truly challenging to dispose of, particularly in multi-unit lodging units like condos and duplexes. So, whenever you notice them or get to know about their infestation you should consider cockroach control.

German cockroach life cycle

You can easily identify the female German cockroach as it has or carries a brown or purse shaped egg case, in length, it is around one-fourth inches. Before hatching the eggs, the female cockroach drops them. And, normally, she is not so quick, the eggs hatch before dropping. In every egg case, there are around 30 eggs laid. The female cockroach produces an egg case every single week. And, in one year, they can raise their population by countless numbers and it becomes a headache for you to do expert pest control.

Preventing cockroaches in your home

To do cockroach control it will be better to keep German cockroaches from entering your home than it is to attempt to dispose of them once they are there. There are two sections to holding them back from occupying your home: avoidance and sterilization.

To avoid German cockroaches, you should seal every one of the breaks and holes in your home. In the event that you can put the edge of a Visa in a break, a German cockroach can utilize it to enter your home. It is likewise vital to seal around pipes, electrical wires, and links surprisingly to your wall. Ensure the weather-stripping around entryways and windows is in great shape. Screens ought to fit firmly around windows and not have any openings in them. Great sterilization won’t keep German cockroaches from entering your home, however awful disinfection will draw in them.


So, these are some of the things which you need to know about German cockroaches, they are very harmful to health. It will be good for you if you do pest inspection to control cockroaches, the time you notice them. Contact Us today for more information if you want to keep them away.

Which Common Pesticides Aren’t Safe For Pets

Some house owners take the services of pest control and also get relieved by seeing the results but the pesticides used in the treatment can be very poisonous to your dear friends which are pets like dogs, cats. Some pesticides give good results but are toxic to pets’ health. The pets get easily exposed to such pesticides. Some pet-owners do pest control for their pets only as some pests are attracted towards dogs too, but the product can be harmful to them too. Some pesticides are so dangerous, they can make your loved ones suffer. Below are some common pesticides which are not at all safe for pets.

Which Common Pesticides Aren’t Safe For Pets


• Nudrin developed from Methomyl. It is a broadly applied insecticide in the vegetables and in agribusiness. 

• There are not such syndromes in long run time as compared to other pesticides. Also it does not cause any sort of cancer diseases and is not bio-toxic. But it is terribly toxic carbamate which gives problems in becoming an obstacle for enzymes.


• It is used as a spray for pests on organic products, and is also called organophosphate bug spray. It is well known to make the pests feel a sense of panting problem and nervous systems too are damaged.

• Well if any pet is left unprotected during spraying spectracide then it may cause the pet with multiple impacts on their organs. Symptoms can be sudden illness and eventually some get into coma too. So make sure you use a better alternative.


• This pesticide is also organophosphate spray, in other words it’s the substitute of the above pesticide. It is harmful too.

• This pesticide can harm your sweet pets by intake of oxygen, and can possibly make your pet suffer through a list of problems like, breathing problems, illness, continuous vomiting, and even heart problems. Do remember to not make your pet get close to such pesticide as it could be deadly.


• Iron is used in many pesticides for plant food, but it may prove to be harmful to the pets. It can give high risks of iron poisoning. If the pet is exposed more than it is really harmful.

• The symptoms from iron to pets is irritation or itching in their body and also causes vomiting resulting in diarrhea. It also affects organs like kidney and liver as it causes more symptoms like laziness and melena.

How Can We Help You?

Don’t make your pets suffer due to toxic products used in removing pests. Pest Control Wynnum gives you the best pest eradication services and the best products too. With the help of our modern plant, we use the most environment-friendly and non-toxic products which won’t harm your pets. We have experts to draw the task with proper safety and precautions. Our team can deal with any pests problem in your house. We won’t cause any harm to your house, you, and your pets. For further questions, you can contact us. Our customer service center is open 24/7.

How To Get Rid Of Really Bad Pests At Home

Pests can be a serious problem for you and your family. These insects are creepy and capable of causing a really serious mess inside your home. You just need to be very careful of these insects because they can also have a bad effect on your health. Moreover, having pests in your home is very common and you need to act very quickly to stop them. 

You also need to keep your home neat and tidy to keep these pests away from your home. All these insects always come to your house in search of food and a place for living. There are certain ways that you can do to get rid of them from your home. Therefore, this blog will help you to know more about the removal of pests from your home.

Best Natural Ways To Remove The Pests At Home

When the summer begins it also brings a variety of pests to your home. All these unwanted insects are harmful to your home environment. Therefore, these are some of the home based methods that can help you to remove pests. 

Make use of essential oils

Essential oils such as spearmint, peppermint, lavender, and camphor smell lovely. Although, you can use these oils to treat termites and dust mites. The fragrance of these oils can also refresh your mood. You can combine just a few droplets of these oils with water and spray them directly on the affected areas like couches, mattresses, rugs, carpets, and floors because they are normally found in pure form. These oils are considered to be the best when it comes to removing pests.

Use a little salt

Salt is yet another effective element in the fight against fleas and ants. To keep ants out of your house, pour salt all around doors and windows. Fleas tend to gather around carpets, so it’s better to put salt directly on them to get rid of these insects. You can easily find salt in your home and it will be better if you use it against pests. Therefore, salt is also a well known remedy to remove pests from your home. 

Effective Vinegar solution

As you know, vinegar is one of the best and most effective pest repellents. It will surely remove and keep different types of pests away from your home. Experts claim that the strong odour of vinegar neutralizes ants and prevents them from creating navigational trails based on other smells. It also invites flies, which can be used as bait to trap and eliminate them from your premises. These insects will not be able to survive the vinegar solution spray.

Juice of Lime

Fresh lemon juice is a powerful cleaner that can easily deter wasps, flies, and worms.  Moreover,  spiders hate lemon, so if you spray your doors and windows with a tiny bit of lime juice, they won’t come near your home. Therefore, you can combine this juice with water and spray it around the glass windows and door frames to stop all the insects that are creating a mess in your home. Additionally, lime juice will provide you with the best results in a short amount of time.

Bring some mint

Mint is also another important item that scares away a number of pests without leaving a mess behind.  It keeps all the irritating pests like flies, mosquitoes, and ants away from your property. You just need to place fresh mint near your doors, windows, and other areas from where you think insects are entering your home. Moreover, you can grow mint around your home’s entrances. It will not only keep bugs away, but it will also give your entryways a pleasant smell.

Baking Soda is a great way to get rid of pests

Baking soda is an old reliable cockroach repellent. It is even more efficient in removing them if combined with sugar that comes in powder form.  Make a mixture of these two components and place it where the bugs are visible. It’s a little messy technique, but it’s among the most effective ways to get rid of pests. Therefore, you can easily remove the pests after using this natural home remedy.

Detergent for Cleaning

Detergent, although not entirely organic, it is less harsh than the nasty chemicals found in synthetic insecticides. You can easily use it to catch and hunt fruit flies. You can also attract the flies by adding a small amount of detergent to the pest bait. This will quickly capture and destroy the pests. Almost everyone is using detergent in their homes to wash clothes and other personal items. Detergent is used as the most effective pest repellent throughout the years. 

Call Our Team To Get Professional Pest Control Experts 

If you are not able to remove the pests using these home remedies, call Pest Control Wynnum. Our well experienced team of pest control specialists will remove these creatures from your home in the least amount of time. Therefore, we are using the finest methods and latest tools to take down all kinds of pests. You can contact us anytime because our team is working 24/7. We will not charge any heavy amounts for all our pest control services. Our experts are also certified to remove all types of pests. So, call us now and book your slots immediately to get a top class pest control service.