Which Common Pesticides Aren’t Safe For Pets

Some house owners take the services of pest control and also get relieved by seeing the results but the pesticides used in the treatment can be very poisonous to your dear friends which are pets like dogs, cats. Some pesticides give good results but are toxic to pets’ health. The pets get easily exposed to such pesticides. Some pet-owners do pest control for their pets only as some pests are attracted towards dogs too, but the product can be harmful to them too. Some pesticides are so dangerous, they can make your loved ones suffer. Below are some common pesticides which are not at all safe for pets.

Which Common Pesticides Aren’t Safe For Pets


• Nudrin developed from Methomyl. It is a broadly applied insecticide in the vegetables and in agribusiness. 

• There are not such syndromes in long run time as compared to other pesticides. Also it does not cause any sort of cancer diseases and is not bio-toxic. But it is terribly toxic carbamate which gives problems in becoming an obstacle for enzymes.


• It is used as a spray for pests on organic products, and is also called organophosphate bug spray. It is well known to make the pests feel a sense of panting problem and nervous systems too are damaged.

• Well if any pet is left unprotected during spraying spectracide then it may cause the pet with multiple impacts on their organs. Symptoms can be sudden illness and eventually some get into coma too. So make sure you use a better alternative.


• This pesticide is also organophosphate spray, in other words it’s the substitute of the above pesticide. It is harmful too.

• This pesticide can harm your sweet pets by intake of oxygen, and can possibly make your pet suffer through a list of problems like, breathing problems, illness, continuous vomiting, and even heart problems. Do remember to not make your pet get close to such pesticide as it could be deadly.


• Iron is used in many pesticides for plant food, but it may prove to be harmful to the pets. It can give high risks of iron poisoning. If the pet is exposed more than it is really harmful.

• The symptoms from iron to pets is irritation or itching in their body and also causes vomiting resulting in diarrhea. It also affects organs like kidney and liver as it causes more symptoms like laziness and melena.

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